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Exercise and your fitness program should not require MOTIVATION and Willpower. If what you’re doing requires motivation that’s a sign that you’re doing something that you don’t like. And if you’re forcing yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy, you cannot create the life that you LOVE.

At the end of the day that is what it’s all about – a better quality of life + looking/feeling our best.

Transformation Fit Camps is a holistic weight loss coaching program that aims to create an uplifting, supportive and inspiring environment for women and busy moms who are looking to improve their health & fitness, lose weight and gain more energy in a fun way.

Get the Motivation you need to get moving again.

Get the Support you want to stay consistent.

Get the Results you wish for to be fit and healthy.

Transformation Fit Camps is about YOU and your goals. Everything from your meal plan, to your workouts will be personalized in order to support your transformation while offering you the support of a great community of women and busy moms just like you!



Transformation Fit Camps is a holistic and personalized coaching program that focuses on healthy and sustainable weight loss principles for busy women and moms just like you.

In order to help you lose weight and keep it off we look to integrate the mind, body and heart to support your transformation from the inside-out.

Weight issues are much more than just what you eat, how you think and feel about yourself and life in general are just as important when it comes to resolving these issues. This is why with our coaching program you will better understand your personal challenges and will be able to work towards your goals with greater synergy and satisfaction.

Your Coaching Program Includes:

Coaching & Mentoring

Personalized Nutrition

Toning Specific Workouts

Connection & Support

Meet Your Coach & Mentor!

Hey #Supermom, I'm Ruslan Kedik, Ottawa’s Leading Weight Loss Expert and a Specialist in Women’s weight loss.

I'll be the first to tell you (but you already know this) that getting in shape, losing weight is hard.

It's NOT easy.

But so is living in a body that is holding you back from living the life that you love!

I've been there before.

In fact at my heaviest weight I was tipping the scale at nearly 300LBS!

ruslan-before-300x158After years of struggling to lose weight and successfully keep it off and after working with 8 of the 'top weight loss gurus' who all have books available in Chapters, thousands of dollars spent on food sensitivity testing, metabolic analysis 0-0 dollars/months on supplements I failed over and over.

But little did I know was that my own failure was eventfully going to lead me to a major breakthrough!

So, after years of struggling, suffering and searching I realized something...

First, the reasons why I struggled for so many years was because I had it all wrong.

I pushed myself too hard in the gym (and I hated working out hard)

I went on low carb diets all the time (and I felt deprived)

I was taking A LOT of supplements!

and so I was expecting to create a positive outcome while sacrificing my life and my self in the process.

Long story short, eventually all this suffering led me to asking myself a simple question which resulted me changing my entire life around: how did I stay in shape in my early 20's?

The answer was simple,

I enjoyed going to the gym and exercising - it was FUN. I did not to be motivated to workout because I actually like it.  So now, I had to come up with a way of training which brought me joy and made me excited about working out again which I had not felt in years!

And, ate the things I liked but in moderation.ruslan-now2-300x182

And both these answers let me to developing my 'Train Don't Drain' training model which I now use myself and at Transformation Fit Camps and my 'Flexible Dieting' system which doesn't deprive you of the foods you love while supporting you on your weight loss journey.

And so my own problem had become a solution.

Here is exactly how I lost my weight and kept it off now for  years.

And this 4 Phase system has also helped dozens of busy women and moms in Ottawa achieve incredible results!

Our 4-PHASE Process To Sustainable Weight Loss!

In order to lose weight and keep it off there must be a progressive and methodical system in place that not only insures your success in the short term but a system that continues to give you ongoing progress for years to come.

At Transformation Fit Camps we brake down your personal weight loss and transformation goal into practical and revolutionary 4 phases.

  • Phase 1 - 30 Day Jump Start
  • Phase 2 - Active Fat Loss
  • Phase 3 - Transition/Reverse Diet
  • Phase 4 - Maintenance

Each Phase is unique and has it's purpose to assist you on your personal journey of change.

With respect to your body, we work with it - not against the body. Each phase therefore is going to be personalized and developed based on your current needs, wants and goals. The length or duration of each phase is determined by the individual, their goal and the health/fitness of their body.

You will move through each phase with great precision, support, coaching and mentorship. This is how you will make a complete transformation from the inside-out and avoid any future weight rebounds!

  • 1

    30 Day Jump Start Program!

You don't have to wait long to see great results with our signature 30 Day Jump Start Program.

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss System was designed to help you JUMP START your weight loss and drop the first 15-20lbs quickly.

We've noticed that when our clients see results quickly they are more likely to succeed and reach their long term weight loss goals!

  • 2

    Active Fat Loss Phase

In this phase you will focus on consistent and progressive weight loss with our practical and personalized nutrition plan and coaching.

Sustainable weight loss is a process - to avoid hitting plateaus and rebound weight gain you will have a systematic approach to getting to your goal weight.

You'll have weekly and monthly goals to focus on, depending on how you and your body respond your program will be adjusted accordingly with the support of your coach.

  • 3

    Transition Phase

Now that you've reached your goal (Congratulations!!!) it's time to begin your transition to maintenance.

This is a crucial phase and one that most programs do not include!

At this time your metabolism is delicate and vulnerable to rebound weight gain. In order to avoid regaining your weight we're going to slowly and strategically help you increase your metabolic capacity by having you eat more food while sustaining your new lean & fit body weight.

  • 4

    Maintenance Phase

This is where everything you've been working on and mastering - mind, body and heart comes together to reflect the NEW You.

In this phase you learn to let go off the crutches and the structure that you've been relying on and trust yourself in living life 'beyond diet & exercise'.

You focus more on our intuitive eating principles and you embrace training for the joy of movement rather than 'weight loss'.


Take the first step toward your fitness goals today!

I know how frustrating it can be carrying that extra 10, 20 or 30 pounds. Especially now that the weather is getting nice and your entire summer wardrobe is not fitting as freely as you would like.

And the last thing you want to hear is that it's going to take you 12 weeks to lose 20lbs!

You can lose over 20lbs in the next 30 days just like dozens of other busy moms have done on this program without any supplements, detoxes or hard workouts!

This is a rapid fat loss program - it's designed for fast weight loss.

For some this may be the program that will get them to their goal within the next 30 days and for others it will serve as a great 'kick starter' to help them reach a bigger weight loss goal. Either way this is a 'fail proof' program!

This program has been tested and proven to get YOU awesome results!

All the thinking and planing has been done for you!

What you get:

  • Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plan
  • 3 Workouts each week
  • Daily support and coaching from your Mentor - Ruslan Kedik
  • Online Inner Circle Membership where we support eachother
  • Daily coaching e-mails to help you stay on track
  • A plan to help you keep the weight off after the 30 days

If you think you're ready to give this a go, fill out the application below and wait for Ruslan to contact you within the next 24 hours and schedule you in for your first workout.

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What You Can Expect

  • Start fitting into all your favorite clothes
  • Feel so good, that all your family and friends will start to wonder "what you’re ON"
  • Stop worrying about how you look all the time
  • Gain all the confidence in the world to live the life you desire
  • Trim your mid section and lose that ‘back fat’
  • Get ready to buy new, smaller clothes!
  • Tone and shape your arms and thighs
  • Have abundance of energy so you can live each day to the fullest!
  • Attain optimal health and finally transform your life and physique!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you've gotten this far then you can see the results of Transformation Fit Camps in Ottawa speak for themselves.
And after seeing the amazing before and after pictures...
And after having seen my special 30 Day Jump Start Program offer to you...

If you're still on the fence about trying us out... I'm going to remove all future risk for you.

Unlike most diet books, gym memberships, weight loss plans and fat-burner pills on the market,
All Transformation Fit Camps programs come with my personal, 100% no-nonsense Get Results Or It’s FREE guarantee.

I'm so confident that you'll love your TFC experience that I back up every program with my 60 day TRY IT, LOVE IT and LOSE WEIGHT or get your money back guarantee!

So you see, the only to lose is - the weight!

Give yourself the opportunity you deserve and start your 30 Day Transformation Program today!

No More Sitting On The Fence...

We All Started By Taking The First Step

Take the first step towards your fitness goals today!

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Meet Your Coach

ruslan-croppedHi Friend, I'm Ruslan Kedik, Ottawa’s Leading Weight loss Expert and a Specialist in Women’s weight loss and founder of Transformation Fit Camps

Transformation Fit Camps has been the final fitness solution for dozens of Ottawa women who were fed up and frustrated with not seeing the results they desired.

When you come to TFC, you join our family of strong, fit women who show up each day ready to rock and transform your life.

Are you ready for that change you have been dreaming of? Ready to feel better about yourself? Are you tired of starting and stopping programs and throwing money away in gym memberships while staying the same?

Then I invite you to what could potentially be your final 'weight loss program'.  Simply fill out the form to take the first step!